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Sharps Christmas Gifting Guide

What do you buy someone this Christmas who has everything?! Hopefully the following gift ideas will answer all your problems.

Over the last 12 months we’ve not only tried to continue delivering our fresh produce to you which is hand selected daily, but we’ve also tried to incorporate other local businesses in the dairy and pantry section of our shop. Helping you purchase some of the best produce made locally.

Now a Longley Farm Yogurt might not be on the top of everyone’s Christmas list - although they do taste amazing, they do need to be stored in a fridge rather than a stocking! However, some of the items listed below could make up your DIY ‘local hamper’.

So my first pick is a Sheffield favourite, a bottle of ‘Hendo’s’! If your from Sheffield this needs no introduction and if you’re not from Sheffield then just splash this over your next winter meal and you’ll be hooked. Available at Sharps of Sheffield in the classic Henderson bottles, a pocket size bottle (relishing every meal on the go) or if you’re a football fan, we have both sides of the City covered. (£1.99 traditional size bottles or £1.29 for the mini Hendo’s)

Next in my Sharps local hamper is our Just Preserves Jam’s; Marmalade’s and Chutney’s. We have some lovely Christmas gift boxes where you can select your own favourites, I’d personally go for the Christmas Chutney, Bucks Fizz Marmalade and the Tomato Chilli Pickle with Henderson’s Relish. - Can you tell people from Sheffield like Henderson’s yet?! (£3.29 per jar or £9.99 3 jar gift box)

So we’ve already skipped to the Chutney’s and forgot about the Christmas Cheese Board. We don’t have a favourite when it comes to the cheese selection and who only has one cheese on the cheese board. You cant go wrong with a Yorkshire Wensleydale; the Apricot, Cranberry or Stem Ginger options will suit everyone’s taste buds. A Snowdonia Black Bomber is also a crowd favourite, this cheddar just melts in your mouth. And for you Gin lovers (like my mother) then the Gin and Lemon from the Cheshire Cheese Company is always a stand out for a Christmas hamper. (£3.99 per block)

Is it a hamper without a local jar of Honey. The long established Yorkshire Honey is one of our favourites available. Although its not Sheffield based, Phil Askem who is just up the M1 in Barnsley is certainly an expert in this field. Priced at £5.99 its one of the best value premium honey’s you will find.

Love or hate them a brussels sprout will always end up on your Christmas dinner plate. Take your Christmas dinner to the next level with this Brussels Sprout Ketchup from Sauce Shop, the ultimate Christmas condiment. Sharp, sweet and lightly spiced it’s the one you want on that Turkey and stuffing. (£3.49 per bottle)

And last but no means least a recent addition to our Pantry at Sharps. The legendary Mrs Darlington Lemon Curd. A family recipe that has been passed down through the generations and described as sunshine in a Jar you will not be disappointed. The only disappointment will be when you’ve finished the jar after 1 week of spreading it on hot toast or freshly baked croissants. (£2.99 per jar).

We hope the above has given you some inspiration for that one person you’re struggling to buy for this year. There’s unlimited possibilities to your Christmas hamper at Sharps from the dried fruit & nuts section, the fresh grapes and figs for those cheese board lovers, please pop into our shop on Abbeydale Road to create your very own local Christmas Hamper.

We look forward to seeing you all over the festive period.


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