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Tips to saving money on groceries

One and probably the only good outcome from COVID was many of us started to shop local. Our new customers agree that shopping local cuts the overall shopping bill and prevents waste. So with the energy prices soaring, here’s some tips we think will help you save your pennies!

1. Create a meal plan - Meal plans are a great way to plan your week, take the stress out of cooking and keep everyone in the family happy. It also helps us itemise the specific items we need to buy, prevents over buying and food waste! 💰

2. Start with a budget - buy quantity and quality. Maybe remove that £1 chocolate bar and buy 3 kiwis for £1 instead. You can always go back to the chocolate but at least you’ve set a budget on this weeks treat and got more for your money.

3. Buy fresh to last longer - now this is one phrase we hear on a daily basis and even more over the last two years. ‘I can’t believe how long this fresh produce lasts, it’s in the fridge for weeks. When I used the supermarket I’d throw it all away at the end of the week’ 💰 💰 💰 #freshisbest

4. Look for deals - there’s always a deal to be had! Plenty of multi buy offers and even a half price box of fruits and veggies that might not look perfect on the outside but it’s the inside that counts!

5. Check the weight - ‘buy cheap, buy twice as much’ that packaged pepper might be fooling you! 💰

6. Think outside the big supermarkets - we all have 10,080 minutes in 1 week, can you spare 15 minutes to see our smiling faces at your local shops and save those pennies.

7. Be flexible - Use leftovers for tomorrows lunch then you don’t have to plan 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. 💰💰

I hope these few tips help your family! But ultimately stop rushing, enjoy good food and keep shopping local!

Look forward to seeing you all soon


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