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Advice for shopping local

Updated: May 26, 2020

Food shopping can be a stressful time of the week but is a job most households put themselves through on a weekly basis. Here are 6 hints and tips of how shopping local can be made easier.

1. Make a list!

Yes, I might be stating the obvious, but the weekly shop is something we all have to do. Make a list at home for each shop, this will save half the time you spend in each local shop and make it much less stressful.

2. Keep up to date with your local shops social media channels.

These days, most local businesses boast some fantastic social media pages - give them a follow.

On @sharpsofsheffield, we try to keep you up to date with everything that's in season, from the fresh English strawberries at the start of summer to the biggest sprouts ready for your Christmas dinner. If you see it, revert to job 1 and put it on your list.

3. Found a recipe with something special? - Ask us, we can get it.

Local shops have the family favourites stocked up in store, but with the vast options of fruit and veg out there, we don't have room for everything. We're in the market every morning, so if there's something you would like in particular, contact us 24 hours before you're coming in and we will try our best to grab it the following morning for you.

4. Remember a bag!

Local shops fresh produce means we don't require the plastic our supermarket friends use and therefore it is our mission at Sharps to be as plastic free as possible. However, if you're like me and buy a bag for life to sleep under the stairs then don't worry we have you covered. #sharpsbagsontour

5. Ask, we don't bite!

We're a family friendly shop and most local shops I've been in treat their customers like a good old friend. If you cant see it or need advice, we're always there, even if we're elbow deep in a potato stack!

6. Before you leave.

Check your list one more time and a final local shop tip - We don't like waste, always check the half price box. You might be able to make a scrummy crumble from the over-ripe plums.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the shop soon


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