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Rainbow salad with a Sheffield twist

Following on from our smoothie bowls we needed to decide on our next meal. Why not keep the same style but try it with some more of our fresh produce. We present you the Sharps of Sheffield Seafood Rainbow Salad in partnership with Henderson's Relish!

Seeing all the NHS rainbows in everyone's windows has inspired this design and it really does make preparing a meal so much fun. This salad is pinterest perfect, tasty and you're easily filling a bowl with more than your 5 a-day. It filled us up, and cheered us up at the same time, maybe had something to do with all the colours?

Prep time: 15 minutes
Total time: 15 minutes
Serving: 1

For salad bowl
1/2 little gem lettuce
45g cherry vine tomatoes
25g cucumber (around a 1/4 of a cucumber)
1/2 a red pepper
40g red onion (around a 1/4 of a red onion)
2 Raddish's
60g of cooked, peeled Prawns 
1 sliced cooked beetroot 
For the sauce 
4 tbsp of light Mayo
2 tbsp of Tomato Ketchup (Sharps of Sheffield household fav)
Dash of Henderson's Relish 
2 tsps crushed chilli flakes 

Get Ingredients from Sharps of Sheffield



  1. Rinse and chop Little gem lettuce and place as a bed in your chosen dish

  2. Chop into small squares your cherry vine toms, cucumber, red pepper & red onion. You can start to place and line these in your dish on top of your lettuce.

  3. Line prawns into the same dish in the prettiest way possible.

  4. Thinly slice raddish & beetroot and place as a headboard!

  5. Scoop tomato ketchup and mayo into a bowl. Add a dash of Sheffield's favourite Henderson Relish and chilli flakes to your taste.

  6. Pour the seafood sauce over your salad

  7. Take a pic for the gram and tag @sharpsofsheffield

We can't wait to see your pictures and your lovely faces in the shop again soon.


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